Client Advisory

Advisory Service for Entire ASEAN

In recent years, Japanese Companies have considered all the ASEAN countries as a single business region. Requests for investment to ASEAN countries together with receiving legal advice about each ASEAN country are increasing. However, deploying a legal representative in each ASEAN country is a simple task. One Asia Lawyers offers “Advisory Service for Entire ASEAN” with strength utilizing lawyers qualified by each country and Japanese lawyers in offices in each country.

“Advisory Service for Entire ASEAN” provides services such as the provision of basic legal information of each ASEAN country (alerts about the establishment of any new law), advice of basic law (company law, labor law etc.), and review of basic transaction contract (sales contract, basic agreement, employment contract, etc.) as a single legal platform. This integration of services enables us to provide with same effect as the legal department deployed in ASEAN countries, but at a low cost.

Of course you can select a specific country, not just the whole package. We also provide tailored advisory contracts based upon your companies’ business situation in ASEAN.

Internal Report Crisis Response Department

Rather than attempt to handle matters outside their areas of expertise, many Japanese companies are now relying on One Asia Lawyers to utilize its strengths to manage crisis response for internal matters of irregularities, either criminal or ethical. Since we have physical offices in all ten of the ASEAN countries, we can respond rapidly and efficiently according to the individual local requirements.