Real Estate

Investing in property in a foreign country is not be undertaken lightly.
With our understanding of ASEAN real estate regulations and local business practices,
we are able to provide informed and practical advice to Japanese companies investing in property.


Property law in the ASEAN region differs remarkably not only from Japan but also from country to country.
Restrictions imposed on foreign companies is the norm. Our team of property law experts offers legal advice
relating to all property law matters in each individual country.
Encompassing all characteristics of real estate law, from creating and reviewing contracts of sale,lease
agreements, collateral contracts and loan agreements, to setting up residential condominiums, and the
construction of shopping malls, hotels and resorts, One Asia Lawyers’ member firms have the knowledge and experience to confidently advise clients on the best courses of action in real estate transactions. Additionally,
we also perform due diligence for real estate related M&A cases.