Dispute Resolution

By facilitating international arbitration, litigation and even debt collection, we provide pragmatic solutions to the variety of disputes that can arise in the ASEAN region.

Globalization of the Japanese economy has meant that Japanese businesses have tapped into foreign markets, thereby increasing the number of corporate and “political” disputes arising in the wider international arena. We are experts in litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution methods; we view this area of legal practice as one of our main operations. With the advantage of numerous offices across the ASEAN region, we provide borderless legal services with special understandings of all forms of dispute resolution.

1 International arbitration

Arbitration as an alternative to expensive and lengthy international litigation is a dispute resolution method on the rise. However, it requires expertise and in-depth knowledge in the relevant area, along with localized experience. Our people have experience working as arbitrators and agents in the ICC, Singapore Arbitration Centre (SIAC) Kuala Lumpur (KLRCA), Vietnam Arbitration Centre (VIAC), and the Indonesia Arbitration Committee (BANI). One Asia Lawyers have the skills to provide pragmatic strategic advice to our clients.
In our Singapore member firm, one of our staffs is a former lecturer on international dispute resolution at Harvard University – making arbitration and mediation one of our strong points.

2 Litigation within the ASEAN region.

As companies expand their operations into the ASEAN region, the number of Japanese companies consumed by international lawsuits is increasing. Local courts operate much differently to those a corporation might have experienced in Japan. Local courts have a different institutional structure from that of a Japanese court. Each member firm of One Asia Lawyers has accumulated years of experience dealing with cases before ASEAN local courts. We are experts in the fields of company and intellectual property laws, and in employment and tax disputes. We have experience in all areas in which corporations can become involved, or entangled, in a foreign country.

3 Asset investigation and security collection

Realizing security interests in ASEAN countries is a complicated and difficult process. As there are limited means for investigating assets, many companies are left without remedies. Asia One Lawyers has close working relationships with local asset investigators: we have the networks and resources needed to conduct investigations for our clients. Then based on the results of an investigation, we advise our clients on their next steps to enable the most favorable outcome.