Our in-depth knowledge of the local regulations gives us the ability to deal with all types of financial transactions occurring in the ASEAN region. From acquiring and structuring finance, dealing with security interests and creating contracts, to negotiating with local businesses, we offer a variety of services to meet all our clients’ needs in this area.

Financial transactions in the ASEAN region require a profound knowledge of the law (including finance, security interests, security trading, and company, property and IP laws). Our Japanese lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience of financial transactions in Japan work closely together with local lawyers who the comparable knowledge of local regulations. to support our clients at all stages of their financial transaction.

ASEAN countries are still evolving their finance laws and regulations. It is thus necessary to structure transactions in accordance with directions in which laws are developing. Each country has unique real estate and security interest laws that depend on their legal history: therefore, securing a security interest can be a difficult task without extensive knowledge of the local conditions and the background jurisprudence.

Our experts have in-depth understanding of local financial laws and regulations necessary to support our clients throughout their international financial transactions.