Intellectual Property (IP) rights

Protecting intellectual property rights is the crucial when expanding and advancing into the ASEAN region. We advise our clients how to strategically protect IP rights.

To maximize the value of the enterprise, it is critical to have legal protection for a business’ intellectual property rights . In the ASEAN region, piracy, replica productions, and trade mark infringements are common issues Japanese enterprises face. IP laws and their application are constantly changing because of evolving nature of doing business in the area and the effect of new technology and ideas. This is especially true in the ASEAN region where the law surrounding IP is constantly being amended. It is challenging dealing with essentially unstable IP laws and their local application.

Lawyers in all Asia One Lawyers’ member firms, understand the latest laws and so offer strategic advice on how to protect the IP rights of our clients. From applications and registrations of trademarks and patents, to infringement disputes and litigation, Asia One Lawyers can support clients in all areas of IP law in the ASEAN region in corporation with local member firms.