Mergers and Acquisitions – M&A

With our understanding of international standards and the local legislative framework, we support businesses and guide them through successful M&As in ASEAN nations. The integration and cooperation among One Asia Lawyers’ regional offices allows us to offer borderless advice and localized legal services.


For Japanese businesses looking to expand their operations across the ASEAN region, M&A is an important business strategy. We recognize that advice and legal services for M&A is one of the most important areas of our ASEAN practices: from foreign investment checking, structuring and due diligence reports, to creating and negotiating contracts regarding share transfers and joint ventures. We provide support and pragmatic legal advice pre-merger, during, and at post-merger integration.

What Sets One Asia Lawyers apart is our understanding of both international standards and requirements and the realistic local practices seen in ASEAN countries. We provide optimal solutions for our clients by combining our skill-sets and knowledge of local laws, languages, cultures and religions to ensure our clients meet international and local requirements.

We have the advantage of having multiple offices/member firm across the ASEAN region. This allows us to deal with cross border M&A events. For instance, when a Singaporean company with subsidiary companies in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam seeks advice; One Asia Lawyers memver firms can provide legal oversight of the project as a single event.