What makes us unique

Connecting Japan with ASEAN –
We provide efficient solutions as a unified legal platform

ASEAN economic development has brought about an influx of Japanese companies to the region.
One Asia Lawyers’ is the first Japanese law firm specializing in providing seamless, comprehensive legal advice on the laws of all ASEAN countries’ laws.
One Asia’s partners, experts in the field of ASEAN law, combine years of South East Asia legal experience. With our offices in each ASEAN nation, as well as Japan, we provide an accessible and efficient service throughout the region.

One Asia Lawyers provide ASEAN-wide legal services as a single legal platform.

As the ASEAN Economic Community develops, Japanese Companies tend to treat the region as a single economic region. One Asia Lawyers recognizes the need for Japanese Companies to operate efficiently; thus we provide a single legal platform for all our clients’ ASEAN legal issues. We eliminate the need for our clients to contract with law firms in each ASEAN country; all of our clients’ needs are solved through one legal window.

Our team of Japanese lawyers works closely with local lawyers to provide our customers with expert advice.

Each office in the region has a Japanese lawyer who can communicate with our clients in Japanese. Their role is not limited to communicating between the local lawyers and our clients, but they are actively involved in legal research and building their own professional experience in each of their specialist areas. Beyond expert legal knowledge, through their first-hand experience of living and practicing law in the ASEAN region, they have a solid understanding of local business practices and customs. They can thus offer practical and efficient solutions tailored to the local business and cultural climate.

Quality, Speed and Fees: three important factors of our service.

One Asia Lawyers support our client’s endeavors to expand in the ASEAN market: by focusing on quality advice, speedily delivered with affordable fees.

1 Quality:

To maximize long-term benefits for our clients, so we can offer the best solutions possible, we analyze our clients’ cases from multiple perspectives. The ethnic, cultural, gender, and generational diversity of our team brings together multiple skill-sets to create the most logical solution for you.

2 Speed:

We pride ourselves on our speedy responses to our clients. In an ever-changing business environment, speed is a critical element of a top quality legal service. We strive to be accessible.

3 Fees:

Our affordable rates assist our clients to operate efficiently. We constantly strive to reduce costs in all areas of our services.

We support the globalization of the Japanese legal sector.

The Japanese legal sector is increasingly shaped by the effects of globalization. We passionately support the international growth of the Japanese legal sector. We conduct seminars, assist lawyers obtain the necessary foreign qualifications, and we recognize the future by offering legal internships.

One Asia Lawyers clients are not limited to only Japanese businesses. Our global clientele is expanding as we increasingly serve a global market. Our group of Japanese lawyers provides high quality and expert services across borders. As a truly international law firm, we are expanding the reach of Japanese lawyers to walk alongside our globalizing clients.

We contribute to the growth of business in South East Asia.

One Asia Lawyers is proud to contribute to the growth of Southeast Asia’s economies and societies. Our local employees are extensively trained and also provide pro-bono legal services in developing regions. The reality in much of the ASEAN region is that substantial areas of the law are not comprehensively developed; thus we deal with many cases with no precedents.

As lawyers, we are passionate about developing the law and educating both business people and societies in the ASEAN region.