Our System

A single contact point allows One Asia Lawyers to merge
your ASEAN legal service in the most concise possible form.
By combining Japanese and local firms, we have an unparalleled
advantage of diversity, allowing us to provide optimal solutions.

Our greatest strength is the convenience and accessibility we offer. We are the single contact point you need
for all your ASEAN legal service requirements.

Each of our local member firms has hand-picked experienced local attorneys and qualified staff to provide the utmost quality service. Extensive research is conducted in cooperation with local legal teams on the constantly changing ASEAN laws and statutes so that we are always ahead of the curve in local legal matters.

HR, Education

We are passionate about the professional and personal growth of our staff by conducting various induction
courses and encourage and support our local staff to obtain added qualifications. We are dedicated to the
continuing continuous workplace and external training of our people, even our partners.

We have a distinctive policy to encourage our people to work globally across all our offices. We call this
“Borderless Advice.” For example, our Tokyo-based or our Vietnam-based lawyers can work in our Singapore member firm if he or she wishes, giving them the advantage of expert understanding of both the common law
and civil law requirements across borders.

Efficient IT System

Secure, efficient, and interconnected IT systems to communicate across our offices ensure discretion and trust with clients. Encrypted video and phone conference calls are part of our daily operations.