With its recent uptick in enhanced economic efficiency and strengthened stance on preventing corruption,
Vietnam is finally on a path to truly becoming a capitalist economy. The constitutional reform undertaken in
2013 has revealed a genuine shift towards a more transparent form of democracy.

The relaxation of foreign investment rules, economic reforms, and more flexible labor and real estate laws,
foreign business have discovered a much more favorable climate. That being said, though many laws
have been amended, the application of these laws are still somewhat confusing, even to seasoned locals.

The member firm of One Asia Vietnam is ACS Legal. Its legal, business and management experts can assist
our clients across multiple business and investment fields. The head partner has years of experience working at an international law firm in Vietnam and has built the critical strong connections with local authorities that
are a must to accomplish any business success there. Through the cooperation of our skilled Japanese staff
and local lawyers, we provide practical solutions for our clients in Vietnam.

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