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Yoshiro Tsuchitori

Lawyer : Japan

Profile and Expertise

Yoshiro Tsuchitori joined as a partner in One Asia Lawyers. His practice is focusing on advising
Japanese domestic legal matters.
Prior to joining One Asia Lawyers in 2017, Yoshiro has started his career at a Japanese law firm
which has its strength and assists in a broad range of corporate legal work including corporate
disputes and M&A and was appointed as the youngest partner of the firm in 2015.
Yoshiro has extensive experience in Japanese cooperate legal issues, such as commercial litigation,
dispute resolution, M&A transactions, IPO, patent, labour and other general cooperate matters.
He represented Japanese listed companies, start-up, small, and large domestic companies
with wide range of businesses including finance, manufacturing, energy, trading, real estate,
IT, and advertising.

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  • ◆Litigations◆
    ・Represented a domestic company with respect to a revolving guarantee matter at the Supreme Court.
    ・Represented a client in a stockholders' representative action with respect to dispute over the director’s
    business judgement rule.
    ・Represented a client with an action for revocation of administrative disposition on tax obligation
    imposed by Tokyo Metropolitan government.
    ・Represented a client with respect to dispute over a joint business agreement between domestic companies.
    ・Represented several companies for its litigations including labour tribunal and avoidance of
    shareholder's meeting resolution.
    ・Also, conducted a demanding for disclosure of identification information of the sender, patent litigation,
    debt collection and so on.

    ・Assisting the acquisition of a Japanese listed temporary-employment company
    ・Assisting the acquisition of a domestic company by a Japanese listed IT company
    ・Assisting the acquisition of a domestic metalworking company by a Japanese company
    ・Assisting the acquisition of a domestic electric retailing company by a Japanese company
    ・Assisting the acquisition of a medical corporation by a Japanese company
    ・Assisting the acquisition of a real estate firm by a Japanese company
    ・Other cases, including the acquisition of a company with a Type 2 financial instruments
    business operator

    ◆Others ◆
    Advising clients on several matters including
    ・new share issues
    ・stock option
    ・developing and implementing new business
    ・re-organization, entity conversion
    ・IPO support for a start-up company


2006: Graduated Hosei University Faculty of Law
2008: Graduated Hosei University Law
2009: Admitted as a lawyer, began working
at Murata Wakatsuki Law Firm
2015: Partner, Murata Wakatsuki Law Firm
2017: Partner, One Asia Lawyers


Admitted/Professional Experience

    Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association


Japanese, English


+81-3-6550-9000 TEL(Japan)
+81-80-3319-1016 MOBILE(Japan)