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Corporate Social Responsibility

One Asia Lawyers plays an active part in local communities. We feel that it is both our
obligation and our responsibility to contribute to the growth and development of every
local community.

Supporting advancement of Japanese lawyers into Southeast Asia

Each passing year brings an increasing number of Japanese attorneys into the legal profession. We are
committed to encouraging and welcoming young Japanese lawyers into all of our offices. In other words,
what’s good for our customers is good for us.



Supporting Japanese lawyers to obtain Singaporean law licenses

A thorough understanding of British Common Law is imperative in Southeast Asia, where many states are
former colonies of the UK. Singaporean Law represents a de facto standard in the region. We support and
assist all lawyers, even those not working with One Asia, in attaining Singaporean qualifications through
the Foreigner Practitioner Examination.

International Internship Program

It is our belief and corporate doctrine that all law students should have exposure not only to their own
countries’ laws, but to foreign laws early in their legal career. For more details, click on our Internship Program.

Educating Local Lawyers

In the same way we support our Japanese lawyers to obtain foreign qualifications, we proudly
assist and provide the necessary means for our local lawyers to become experts in Japanese law.

Our Contribution to Society

We genuinely have a social conscience. By actively engaging in volunteer programs and donating to local
organizations, our presence is a contributing aspect to local communities. Our Singapore Office is heavily
involved in the Pro Bono Services Office of the Law Society of Singapore. In developing countries we actively engage in the promotion and establishment of the base for constitutional government. In Cambodia, Japan has proudly been a key player in establishing their civil code. One Asia lawyers are involved in educational
programs related to spreading an understanding of the civil codes in ASEAN region countries.