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Indonesia Member Firm


As the largest country in ASEAN in terms of population and land area, a labor force, and extensive natural
resources, Indonesia is expected to become one of the strongest economic forces in the region. 
The government of Indonesia is making a concerted effort to simplify and deregulate bureaucracy issued
several in several sectors and has also begun to consciously solicit and welcome foreign investors. As a result of these efforts, Indonesia’s investment climate, infrastructure and economic growth are steadily expanding.

Japan is one of Indonesia’s largest trading partners, in terms of export and import. Specifically, Foreign Direct
Investment (FDI) from Japan is in the third position, right behind Singapore and the USA. Most impressive is
the infrastructure sector, which shows no signs of slowing down.

One Asia Indonesia’s partners have are experts in virtually all facets of Corporate Commercial matters,
including company establishment, M&A, and contractual matters. Additionally, their high levels of expertise
in infrastructures, energy and mineral resources, and banking and finance place them in a rare position
of knowledge. Most notably in infrastructure and energy sectors, the legal team, led by Mr. Donke Kahfi, has
been instrumental in the success of foreign investment groups. The synergistic combination of local lawyers
and skilled Japanese lawyers enables One Asia to provide a synergy to provide high quality international legal services and solutions for the complicated Indonesian legal system.

Contact (English and Japanese)

DKMS Lawyers
World capital tower 11th floor, JI Mega Kuningan Barat
No.3 Jakarta Selatan 12950


Venture Capital Firms (PMV) in Indonesia: Amendment of FSA Regulations (FSA Regulations 25/2023)
SEMA 3/2023: Interpretation on the Validity of a Contract Executed Without an Indonesian Language Version
Government Regulation No. 36/2021 on Wages (Minimum Wages) / Amended by Government Regulation No. 51/2023
Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Law: Prepare for the coming Implementation Regulation (1)
Stamp Duty on Electronic Contracts in Indonesia