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Headquarters Establishment & Reorganization of Subsidiary Companies

For companies considering establishing headquarters or subsidiaries, or reorganizing entities in the ASEAN region we offer advice relating to laws, tax systems and company policies. From deciding the where to establish, the actual establishment and/or reorganization, we support our clients through the entire process. The ASEAN region is developing favorable tax policies for companies establishing headquarters in the member countries.


Until now, Japanese businesses have largely overlooked much of the ASEAN region and have principally
established their headquarters in Singapore and Hong Kong. Recently, however, Thailand and Malaysia have both developed favorable and inviting tax systems for companies establishing local headquarters.
Our understanding of relevant systems throughout the region coupled with the capability to internally compare
laws and being able to analyze clients’ businesses, strategies and resources permits us to assist businesses
to decide their best location.

Our member firms are comprised of experts with experience in headquarters establishment. Assessing each
particular situation from multiple perspectives (local political polices, tax systems, and Japanese corporate and tax laws) allows us to provide optimal solutions and assist our clients in finding the best headquarters location.