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Compliance and Fraud Investigation

We support our clients to establish compliance and fraud prevention mechanisms in their subsidiary companies; thereby minimizing business risk in ASEAN expansions.


With globalization comes the risk that breaching regulatory compliance obligations in one jurisdiction can have legal consequences across multiple countries. Fraudulent business practice by a subsidiary in one country can adversely affect the operation of the entire company. As such, ensuring that subsidiaries have the requisite
infrastructure is crucial for expanding operations into the ASEAN region. Unfortunately, corruption and fraud is notorious across the region. Our offices in the ASEAN region combine to provide our clients with unified legal
advice and comprehensive fraud investigations.

1.Ensuring Compliance and Establishing Risk Management Networks

With our diverse experience, we minimize our clients’ business risks by helping establish effective internal
control mechanisms and corporate governance frameworks.

We provide a wide range of legal services in this area, including establishing and creating compliance
programs, manuals, and internal reporting systems and mechanisms.

As we receive an increasing number of cases regarding risk management establishments within companies,
we constantly add to our database of knowledge to utilize our expertise in each office and offer our clients
an effective internal reporting window for businesses.

2.Fraud Investigations

When confronted with unexpected fraud allegations that need urgent attention, One Asia Lawyers is able to
provide prompt advice and take immediate action on behalf of clients.

With our profound understanding of local laws and regulations, One Asia Lawyers is able to support its clients
through the entire process from responding to investigations by relevant authorities and the government,
to making media statements and investigating the reasons behind any allegations of fraud. We then advise
and assist our clients to ensure that a similar incident is not repeated.

By utilizing our networks of relevant local authorities and experts, we can deliver practical and effective advice to our clients to achieve rapid and optimal resolutions.