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Saudi Arabia Member Firm

Saudi Arabia is transforming from a Middle Eastern ally with a strong emphasis on culture and tradition to a global cultural and economic powerhouse with cutting-edge technology, investment and entertainment.

“Vision 2030”, published in 2016, is a blueprint for this major transformation and sets specific numerical targets based on three pillars: “a vibrant society”, “a thriving economy” and “an ambitious state.” This vision aims to move away from an oil-dependent economy, promote economic diversification and aim for sustainable growth.

Furthermore, “NEOM”, the city of the future with a budget of approximately 70 trillion yen, is part of the Vision 2030 plan and is attracting attention from all over the world. In addition, a major reform of the Companies Act in 2022 will make it easier to expand in Saudi Arabia, as it will now be possible to set up a one-person company. With a corporate tax rate of 20% and no personal income tax, investment and migration from inside and outside of the county are on the rise: the country will host the 2029 Asian Winter Games and the 2030 World Expo, is almost confirmed to host the 2034 Football World Cup, and is attracting a series of world-scale events. Furthermore, reforms to improve women’s rights and social status, such as the liberalisation of women’s driving and overseas travel, are progressing rapidly, and discussions are underway to deregulate alcohol consumption and casinos, which were previously strictly prohibited. The world is watching these major reforms in Saudi Arabia.

One Asia Lawyers Group’s affiliated office in Saudi Arabia is the Faisal Bin Adel Abu Khalaf Office. The office is located in the heart of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and it has many years of experience in providing legal services to various companies, financial institutions, the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia, and government agencies in Saudi Arabia.

The firm’s founder and representative lawyer, Faisal Bin Adel Abu Khalaf, is a certified international arbitrator and notary public with the Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia, president of the Saudi Sports Arbitration Center, and a professional with extensive experience in dispute resolution in international transactions and domestic matters.

In addition, Japanese lawyers with expertise in corporate law and fintech are based in Saudi Arabia to gather information on local laws and regulations and to strengthen the network of legal personnel from various countries throughout the Central region by first establishing a presence in Dubai and Riyadh, the most important points in the Middle East. We are fully equipped to provide legal support to clients entering Saudi Arabia in order to contribute as much as possible to increasing the presence of Japanese companies, the largest economy in the Middle East and in the midst of significant reforms.

* Faisal Bin Adel Abu Khalaf Office is an independent law firm established under Saudi Arabian law and is affiliated with One Asia Lawyers.

Contact (English and Japanese)

+966 11 2349911
2475 Abdel Moneim Bin Al Faqih Street – Hittin
Unit No.2 – Riyadh 13512-6969 Saudi Arabia