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Laos Member Firm


The Laotian government is developing 41 special and specific economic zones in a bid to attract foreign direct investment to boost development in rural areas. There is an untapped potential in Laos as direct investment is rapidly increasing. Regulations on foreign investment are being revised and rewritten at a rapid pace.
Numerous businesses are expanding their Thailand operations into Laos due to several major factors:
a minimum wage that is one third of Thailand’s, similarities in Lao and Thai languages, and the Laotians’ thirst for economic stability.  The Special Economic Zones make Laos a very attractive investment option among
ASEAN countries. The combination of hydroelectric power plants and mineral rich countryside provides an
excellent stage for state-owned enterprises.

That being said, there is a distinct deviation between what the law states and its practical application. It is
absolutely crucial to have access to established networks in Laos and the practical political and management
skills needed to operate and thrive in this environment.

Our Laos member firm, Phanthaly Law, has local experts with years of practical experience. Our head partner combines his local legal and management experience, expertise and skills with an extensive local network.
Additionally, he was served as vice-head of the Lao Bar Association in the past.

Contact (English and Japanese)


Phanthaly Law (Laos Member Firm): 2nd Floor, Vieng Vang Tower, Bourichane Road, Unit 15, Dongpalane Thong Village, Sisattanak District,
Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR