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AI Legal Practice Group

We provide practical legal solutions for AI business.

AI technology is evolving rapidly, but legislation and guidelines are struggling to keep up. Text generation AIs like GPT-4, Gemini, Copilot, Claude, and image generation AIs such as Stable Diffusion, DALL-E2, Midjourney have great potential but also raise concerns over privacy, copyright issues, and the spread of misinformation. Countries are attempting to create laws to regulate these technologies, but it’s challenging to match the pace of technological advancement. To ensure the safe and responsible use of AI, collaboration between technologists, legal experts, and policymakers is essential in finding solutions.

In order to meet the needs of such AI-related legal fields and to provide more advanced and cutting-edge legal advice, we, One Asia Lawyers, have set up the AI Legal Practice Group.

Our AI Legal Practice Group leverages our extensive network of local offices and affiliated firms across Asia. We have a team of lawyers and experts proficient in AI legal matters, not just in Japan but throughout the entire region. We offer a broad spectrum of legal services for AI businesses across Asia, covering the protection of intellectual property rights, compliance with personal data regulations, and support in regions where AI-specific laws and regulations are still developing.

Our Services

  • Advice on organizing and dealing with various legal issues related to AI

– Intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark, design and patent);
– Personal data and privacy protection (Personal Information Protection Law, GDPR, PDPA);
– Laws against Unfair Competition; and
– Personality Rights, e.g., Image Rights (or Publicity Rights).

  • Formulate, review, and provide advice on corporate policies and internal guidelines for internal and external use of based on AI ethics, guidelines, etc.
  • Confirmation of the latest laws, regulations, and guidelines in each country for the use of AI by affiliates throughout Asia
  • Negotiation and relationship building with governmental agencies and industry associations for business in areas where AI-related laws and regulations are not yet in place across Asia
  • Support for the launch and operation of AI-related businesses throughout Asia