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Employment Law

Labor disputes and visa and immigration problems are commonplace throughout all ASEAN countries. A detailed understanding and experience with ASEAN employment laws and local customs enables us to advise our clients on all employment issues.

1.Employment Law Advice

Mere knowledge of local labor laws in and of itself is insufficient to properly advise our clients. A real-world
appreciation of the local customs and practical realities is mandatory. Our team of specialists has a deep
understanding of both.  We provide our clients practical advice on a wide range of employment issues.

Each country in ASEAN is distinct in its approach to labor laws. We advise on and assist with all employment
related work. Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to: creating employment contracts and
company regulations; constructing or restructuring disciplinary and dismissal strategies; work-related injuries;
and former employees’ non-compete agreements. Depending on the office, we also can deal with cases of
sexual harassment, power harassment, mental health issues, temporary and irregular work issues, and
contemporary local issues that often arise in the modern business climate.

We also advise on labor related due diligence reports in M&A and restructuring situations.

2.Employment Disputes

We have represented companies from a variety of sectors in their employment disputes With a network of
member firms across the ASEAN region, we are experienced in virtually all types of  disputes arising out of
dismissals and reconstructing, advising and acting in civil proceedings and mediation, and conducting
negotiations with labor unions.

3.Visa, Work Permits, Immigration

Any and all expansions into the ASEAN market will encompass the acquisition of the correct visas and work
permits for non-local employees. Understanding and navigating these laws is a job left to our local experts.
We provide all necessary advice and documentation to speedily guide our clients through the application
processes. Additionally, our local experts in member firms can speedily respond to all types of immigration
issues and are available on short notice.