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Shipping & Commodities

Shipping & Commodities Practice Team

Providing prompt legal advice on shipping and international commodities transactions through our comprehensive regional network

The legal practice of shipping and commodities requires advice from a broad perspective for coordination and negotiation with laws, authorities, parties, and stakeholders in multiple countries. In recent years, more international and complex regulations are expected to be passed and enforced considering the greenhouse gas reduction strategies set forth by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). In addition, the environment surrounding shipping and international commodity trading has been drastically changing due to recent radical changes in international affairs and the impact of globalization, and it is essential to take appropriate legal actions in line with these changes.

In shipping and commodities matters, we utilize our network throughout Asia to provide dispute resolution services (arbitration, litigation, and negotiation) for trading companies, energy companies, shipowners, shipping companies, ship management companies, and forwarders, etc. regarding dry shipping (cargo claims, charter agreements, arrests, etc.) and wet shipping (maritime accidents, etc.). We also provide drafting contract documents for shipowners and financial institutions regarding ship finance, furthermore, provide legal advice for trading companies and energy companies regarding corporate legal affairs, M&A, and regulatory investigations.

We also provide high-quality and strategic legal services to resolve issues promptly and reasonably, utilizing our global network with a focus on Asia and our in-depth expertise related to the shipping and commodities field. In particular, our Singapore member firm has been highly rated in “The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2023” for its work in cross-border dispute resolution in commodities, shipping, and insurance.

1. Dispute Resolution

(1) Dry Shipping

  • Cargo Claims
  • Ship Charter Agreements
  • B/L (Bill of Lading)
  • Waybill (ocean waybill)
  • Ship Arrest (Seizure)
  • Maritime Litigation, Maritime Arbitration, Settlement Negotiations, etc.

(2) Wet Shipping

  • Marine Accidents (Ship Collision, Sinking, Oil Pollution, etc.)
  • Maritime Rescue
  • Shipwreck Removal
  • Procedures for Limiting the Liability of Shipowners.
  • Trials for Marine Accidents, etc.

2. Ship Finance

  • Drafting, advising and consulting on borrowing schemes
  • Drafting and reviewing shipbuilding and ship sale and purchase contracts, loan agreements and various related security agreements (including mortgage agreements and various mortgage by transfer agreements)
  • Drafting of various construction contracts and related agreements

3. Commodities

  • Consultation and preparation and review of various contracts on commodity transactions
  • Compliance with various laws and regulations such as Commodity Exchange Act, Act on Regulation of Commodity Investment, Act on the Consignment and Other Matters Relating to Futures Transaction in Foreign Commodity Markets, Commodity Derivatives Transaction Act, etc.
  • Compliance with regulations on commodity transactions conducted by financial institutions
  • Document review for commodity derivatives (master agreements, commodity definition books, security agreements, etc.)
  • Liquidation support for early termination of commodity derivatives


Yohei Shigihara, the leader of our Shipping and Commodities Practice Team, has a proven track record in dispute resolution and corporate legal services in the shipping and commodities field. He currently holds a 1st Class Small Boat Operator license and is registered as a Maritime Assistant in Japan, and is registered with the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA) in Singapore.

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