With over one hundred million population with an average age of twenty-three years old, The Philippines is one of the most rapidly emerging economies in the world. The economic consumption has been dramatically
increasing since 2012. According to the World Bank, the Philippines had the world’s 10th fastest growing
economy in 2017.

With over 52 million English speakers (fifth in the world), The Philippines has become a global center for
outsourcing, especially call centers for U.S. banks and insurance companies, cementing its place in the future of the ASEAN economy.

One Asia Lawyers Philippines member Office/Gulapa Law’s Founding Partner has experience in practicing law in various jurisdictions, including Vietnam, Singapore, Japan and New York and is also a professor of law in
a well-known law school in the Philippines.

One Asia Lawyers Philippines team has a wealth of experience in assisting our clients across multiple fields including mergers and acquisitions, energy, investments, and infrastructure, particularly in the area of
Public-Private Partnerships. Providing commercially and legally-sound advice, the Philippine Office is poised to play a key role in advising clients in various areas of commerce across the ASEAN.

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