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Hisakazu Mizuseki

Lawyer : Japan

Profile and Expertise

Hisakazu has gained an experience in a mid-sized Japanese law firm specialized in corporate business turnaround, where he advised clients on a general corporate matters including debt collection, contract negotiations, labor, M&A, bankruptcies and business turnaround, organizational restructuring and others, for a wide range of clients from start-ups to listed companies; he has also given advices for corporate executives on their inheritance and business succession cases.
As a qualified tax accountant and a tax examiner, he also provides consultation and support for tax examinations.

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  • ◆ Bankruptcy/Corporate Rehabilitation•
    ・ Voluntary Liquidation Case of a liquor brewing company
    ・ Bankruptcy case of an import sundry goods sales company
    ・ Civil rehabilitation case of a clothing sales company
    ・ Civil rehabilitation case of a construction company
    ・ Voluntary Liquidation Case of a beauty salon company
    ・ Special Liquidation Case of Foreign Corporations' Domestic Subsidiaries

    ◆ M&A/Finance •
    ・ Acquisition of a staffing company by a listed company
    ・ Acquisition of a semiconductor-related equipment manufacturer (listed company)
    ・ Acquisition of a metal processing company by a PE fund
    ・ Acquisition of golf courses using SPC
    ・ Acquisition of Type II Financial Instruments Business Operators by Foreign Enterprises

    ◆ Labor
    ・ Lawsuit for ascertainment of status, Lawsuit for claim for unpaid overtime pay
    ・ Labor trial
    ・ Mediation by Dispute Coordination Committee
    ・ Class negotiation against external unions
    ・ Conducting criminal prosecution and seeking damages against fraudulent employees

    ◆ Litigation and Negotiations •
    ・ Lawsuit to seek damages from employees for breach of their obligation to give due consideration to safety
    ・ Lawsuit to demand the performance of a guarantee obligation by a retired director
    ・ Negotiations on purchasing of shares by minority shareholders and squeeze-out cases
    ・ Action against the acquiring company for avoidance of fraudulent act
    ・ Claim for refund of franchise fees and damages for breach of non-competition obligations
    ・ Claim for reduction of legally reserved portion/mediation on the division of inherited property
    ・ Divorce mediation
    ・ Other lawsuits related to debt collection, surrender of land and buildings, and claims for damages

    ◆ Others ◆
    ・ Preparation of various contracts and investigation of the legality of new business
    ・ Consultations on financing and cash flow improvement
    ・ Advices on the preparation and operation of shareholders' meetings
    ・ Handling of tax investigations

  • Introduction to Contracts Related Cases by Learning Cases (Minjiho Kenkyukai, May 2017)

  • September 2015: "News’ Prospective/Dangers of Falling Signboard" (Explained regarding Structure Liability on TBS’s News Bird)
    June 2016: "Facts of Business Turnaround Which Certified Public Tax Accountants Need to Know (First Part)" (KACHIEL Co., Ltd.)
    October 2016: "Report for accounting firms concerning tax delinquency - In the scenes of collection, bankruptcy, and turnaround" (seminar for business owners and tax accountants)
    October 2016: "Facts of Business Turnaround Which Certified Public Tax Accountants Need to Know (Second Part)" (KACHIEL Co., Ltd.)
    November 2016: "Comprehensive Reference for M&A/Business Turnaround Scheme (KACHIEL Inc.)"
    April 2017: "Seminar on How to Deal with Tax Delinquency and Business Turnaround" (seminar for business owners and CPTAs)
    June 2017: "Business Turnaround and Business Succession" (lectured at entrepreneur exchange meeting)
    December 2017: "Issues Concerning Put Option Claim by Minority Shareholders" (seminar for insurance salespeople)
    May 2018: "Responsibilities of Small and Medium Enterprises’ Directors" (seminar for insurance salespeople)


2006 Graduated from Hosei University
Faculty of Law
2009: Graduated from Waseda University
Law School
2010: Worked as a private secretary of the
member of the House of Representatives
2012: Admitted to practice laws in Japan
(belongs to Daini Tokyo Bar Association)
as a partner


Admitted/Professional Experience

    The Daini Tokyo Bar Association
    The vice president of the society for the
    bankruptcy law study
    A member of the society for the business
    succession study
    A member of the judicial training committee