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IMPORTANT: Please be aware of scams in the name of our firm or our firm’s lawyers.


We have now confirmed that we have been consulted about fraudulent cases in which the name of our firm or our lawyers have been used to deceive.
Please note that our firm is not involved in any such cases at all.

Please note that the following specific cases have occurred.
・The person has fraudulently claimed to be a lawyer or a staff member of our firm and has explained that he/she will refund a part of the damages related to the fraud case, and has asked for a deposit, registration on an app such as Viber, or the sending of personal information such as a driver’s license.
・The person is falsely claiming the names of our firm’s lawyers and a staff and inviting them to come to Singapore or other foreign countries for a visit. And for this purpose, ask them to register for an app, disclose their bank account/transaction history and other personal information.

If you receive any of the above communications, please do not immediately comply and thoroughly check the other party’s identity.
In addition, please consult with your local police or other authorities and inform us at the contact details below.

Bengoshi Houjin One Asia (One Asia Lawyers) Tokyo office