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Satoru Ezoe

Lawyer : Japan / Professional Engineer (Construction sector)
Leader of Infrastructure Export Legal Practice Team

Profile and Expertise

After completing his undergraduate and graduate studies in civil engineering, he joined a general contractor and acquired a professional engineer (construction sector) qualification during his tenure based on his achievements in civil engineering construction management and design as a civil engineer.

After that, he studied law from scratch at the Law School, passed the bar exam, registered as a lawyer with the Osaka Bar Association, joined a law firm specializing in construction disputes, and as the head of the Osaka office, represented general contractors, house manufacturers, construction companies, construction consultants, and first-class architectural firms in numerous construction dispute cases. He has been involved in numerous construction disputes as the head of the Osaka office, and has also provided legal advice to client companies on a daily basis.

He has given numerous lectures mainly on the construction industry to client companies, construction-related government officials, and various construction-related organizations. He also serves on various committees of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, while working as a professional engineer and lawyer to contribute to the sound development of the construction industry.
In addition, as the leader of the Infrastructure Export Legal Practice Team at One Asia, he will be providing legal support to various infrastructure-related companies from both legal and technical aspects. In addition to his legal practice, he also teaches a course on engineering ethics to students who are interested in civil engineering at universities, and is committed to the development of future civil engineers.

[Areas of Expertise.]
He has experience in litigation and negotiation matters specializing in construction, both in the construction industry (all aspects of building and civil engineering, design and construction) and in the real estate industry in general, serving clients throughout Japan.
He also handles particularly difficult technical matters (e.g., geotechnical issues, structural calculations for structures, and material issues such as concrete) and prepares technical opinion letters.

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  • ・Mediation case in which the owner of a condominium claimed against a contractor for repair costs for peeling and peeling exterior wall tiles of a condominium (represented a condominium owner)
    ・Litigation case in which a prime contractor claimed damages against a subcontractor for the cost of redoing work due to a subcontractor's error in a construction project (represented the prime contractor).
    ・Litigation case in which a store owner claimed damages against the construction company for the cost of countermeasures due to accidental sinking of a store (represented construction company (as an auxiliary intervenor)).
    ・Litigation case in which the client claimed damages against the contractor for breach of duty of explanation regarding underground cavities (represented the client).
    ・Litigation case in which the client claimed damages against a construction company for the cost of rebuilding a cracked foundation concrete foundation (represented the construction company).
    ・Litigation for damages in which the consignor claims against the design firm for the return of the design service fee already paid ( represented the design firm).
    ・Mediation case in which a house builder demanded compensation for damages from a land developer for the cost of rebuilding a building on a property that had experienced unequal subsidence (represented the house builder).
    ・Mediation case in which a construction company filed a claim against the client for piece work and lost profit under a contract that was terminated in the middle of construction due to alleged defects in workmanship (represented the construction company).
    ・Litigation case in which the client filed a claim for damages against the construction company, alleging that the building layout, etc. differed from the original contract drawings as a defect (represented the construction company).
    ・Litigation case in which the victim claimed damages against the adjoining landowner for damage to a building caused by the loosening of the site ground due to excavation work on the adjoining land (represented the victim).
    ・Litigation case in which a house builder demanded payment from the client because the client refused to pay the contract price due to a defect in the construction of renovation work (represented the house builder).

  • ・Serialization of "Legal Commentary on Civil Engineering" (Nikkei Construction/Nikkei BP)

    February 8, 2021, "Legal Liability of Orderer; Compensation Ordered for Accidents at Construction Site"

     - April 12, 2021, "Infringement of Right to Sunshine by Infrastructure: Judgment Based on Actual Damage Rather than Notification by the Government" (*in Japan)

     - May 24, 2021, "10 cm square mesh screen is defective"

     - August 23, 2021 issue, "Non-permission of possession due to opposition is reasonable"

     - November 22, 2021, "Non-Enforcement Agents May Also Be Liable"

     - November 22, 2021, "Contractor not exempted from liability, only the client ordered to pay compensation"

    ・Construction Site Troubleshooting: Lawyers and Professional Engineers Answer Your Questions, Seibunsha, Inc.

    ・Civil Code Revision and Contracts Quick Guide: Real Estate Sales Contracts and Real Estate Lease Contracts, All Japan Real Estate Association

    ・Legal Issues in Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction: Examples of Legal Consultations from Iwate Prefecture and Disaster Area Administration, Nikkan Iwate Kensetsu Kogyo Shimbun, Inc.

    ・Construction Management Course - Engineers' Perspective on Legal Issues, Nikkan Iwate Kensetsu Kogyo Shimbun (July 2013 - December 2014)

    and Co-author of numerous other works

  • ・Lecture on the latest construction topics from the perspective of a professional engineer and lawyer (held as needed)
    ・Examples of problems and their countermeasures in the construction industry (for technical administrative officials, general contractors, consultants, first-class architectural firms, various organizations, etc.)
    ・Client responsibility in construction (ibid.)
    ・Quality assurance training for contractors and subcontractors (ibid.)
    ・Trends and countermeasures for ground problems (ibid.)
    ・Impact of the Civil Code Amendment on the Construction and Real Estate Industry (for various companies, including housebuilders, construction companies, real estate companies, rental management companies, etc.)
    ・Legal Case Study Group (for major railroad company)
    ・Study group to learn from trouble cases (sponsored by the Center for Long-Term Support of Housing)
    ・Compliance training (for public officials, house builders, construction companies, consultants, and many others)
    ・Harassment training (sponsored by various companies)

    and many others


1995 Graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University
1997 Completed graduate studies in Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
1997 Joined Konoike Construction Co.,Ltd
2002 Certified Professional Engineer (Construction)
2010 Graduated from Kyoto University Law School
2010 Passed the bar exam
2011 Completed the 64th term of legal apprenticeship
2011 Registered with Osaka Bar Association
2011 Joined Bengoshi Houjin Takumi Sogo Horitsujimusho
2020 Joined One Asia Lawyers Osaka Office as Representative Partner

Admitted/Professional Experience

    Co-Head of the Infrastructure Export Legal Practice Team

    [University Lecturer]
    2013 Kobe University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Food and Environmental Systems, "Civil engineering information construction law," part-time lecturer (present post)
    2018 Osaka Prefecture University, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, Department of Green Space and Environmental Sciences, "Green Space and Environmental Construction Law" part-time lecturer (present post)

    2013 Member of "Joint research group on inexpensive and reliable measures to extend the service life of steel bridges", Kansai Branch, Japan Society of Civil Engineers (present post)
    2018 Member of "Working Group for Matching Promotion of Effective Utilization of Construction Soil", the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (present post)
    2018 Member of "Verification Committee on Backfilling Work of Pipe Installation Ordered by Sakai City Water and Sewerage Bureau Regarding Falsification of Construction Documents by Orders Received for Water and Sewerage Works", Sakai City (-2019)
    2019 Member of "Subcommittee for Investigation of Construction Recycling Promotion Policies", Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (present post)
    2022 Construction Legal Advisor, Mud and Soil Recycling Association (present post)