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Tomoyoshi Ina

Of counsel

Profile and Expertise

After being admitted to the bar, Tomoyoshi worked at a boutique law firm specialising in cross border investment disputes with China for 8 years. There he mainly dealt with cases concerning China, and moved to Shanghai in 2010, and became a head partner in 2013. He specialised in advising clients on investment and expansions into China and the rest of Asia, as well as labour, tax and security issues while cooperating with local Chinese lawyers. After leaving the firm in 2015, he went to the Singapore National University, where he obtained his Master’s Degree. (LLM)
(Currently, he stations in Japan, not Singapore.)

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  • ● Facilitating a joint venture between a major Japanese real estate company and a Chinese state-owned enterprise
    ● Facilitating a joint venture between a major Japanese entertainment company and a Chinese company
    ● Assisting the expansion of a Japanese finance company into China (including negotiating with governmental authorities for exemptions from certain regulations)
    ● Assisinting the investment by a Japanese company to a Chinese online retail company
    ● Facilitating a joint venture between a major Japanese manufacturing company and a major private Chinese enterprise (competition law related)
    ● Assisting collaboration between a Japanese and Chinese tertiary education providers
    ● Facilitating the termination of a joint venture between a Japanese manufacturer and a Chinese state-owned enterprise, including financial settlements
    ● Corporate restructuring for a local subsidiary of a Japanese company
    ● Assisting the dissolution of a chinese local subsidiary of a major Japanese manufacturing company, and arbitration of labour disputes arising thereof
    ● Action for the purchase price by a Japanese company against a Chinese company
    ● Assisting several Japanese companies in China with the amendment of company rules and regulations to comply with the major alterations in labour laws in China
    ● Several other cases, including setting up companies in Asia, offering advice on day-to-day operations of Japanese companies established abroad, marriage settlements etc

  • ● Chinese Business Dictionary, Editor-in-chief (Chuo-Keizai, June 2013)

    ● SMBC China Monthly (monthly contributions to the mail magazine) (Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, January 2009 to June 2012)

    ● Consideration of Problems Arising from Guangdong's Manufacturing Model Change (Japanese Institute of International Business Law, October / December 2010)

    ● Analysis of the reason behind an increasing number of strikes and potential measures that could be taken (coauthor) (Japanese Institute of International Business Law, October / November 2010)

    ● China Business Handbook - withdrawing operations of foreign investment companies (SMBC Consulting, October 2009)

    ● China Business Handbook - labour management in China (SMBC Consulting, July 2009)

    ● SMBC Shanghai Report (contributions to monthly mail magazine) (Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, April - December 2012)

    ● Amendments to Foreign investment Catalogue for Guidance (coauthor) (Japan-China Economic Journal, February 2008)

  • ● Latest Operation of ASEAN Arbitration (Lexis Nexis, November 2016)
    ● Revision of Consumer Interst Protection Law, Free Trade Experimental Section in Shanghai(as Lectuer of outside workshop, February 2014)
    ● Legal and Tax works of Technology Trasnfer to China (Cast Lawfirm, in Tokyo and Osaka)
    ● as Lectuer of Legal Works
    ● Debt-collecting in China (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in China, Febuary 2012)
    ● Stracture of Company (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in China, December 2011)
    ● Essential Labor Knowledge for the GM of Japanese Company (Cast Lawfirm, January 2010)


2002: Graduated Kyoto University Law
2007: Admitted to Tokyo Bar Association
2016: Graduated Singapore National
University LLM (Master of Law) with
specialisation in Asian legal studies
2016: Admitted as Foreign Expansion
Support Lawyer by Japan Federation of Bar Associations
2016: Admitted as a foreign lawyer
in Singapore
2020: GMAP Visiting Professor, Kobe Law School

Admitted/Professional Experience


Japanese, English, Chinese