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Akihiro Yotsuji

Lawyer: Japan

Profile and Expertise

Since his registration as an attorney, he has handled many general civil cases, especially those involving non-life insurance companies, as well as traffic accidents, work-related accidents, and other compensation cases, whether individual or corporate. He has also been continuously working on domestic relations cases, trying to solve such cases empathizing with his clients.

He is a certified “Licensed Strata Management Consultant” and is particularly active in legal issues related to the Condominium Unit Ownership Law, participating in academic and research conferences, and serving on public committees, as well as serving as a legal counsel for condominium management associations to provide support for day-to-day legal issues.

  • Experience
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  • ・Claims for damages from traffic accidents (for both victims and offenders)
    ・Lawsuits demanding rent increase
    ・Lawsuits for injunction against illegal private lodging in condominiums
    ・Lawsuits for revocation of administrative dispositions (driver's licenses, development permits)
    ・Claims for examination of the recognition of residual disability in workers' accident compensation insurance.
    ・Labor tribunal cases against unfair dismissal
    ・Conciliation cases in family affairs (divorce, child support, and legally reserved portion)

  • Condominium Management Q&A - A Guide for Those Involved in the Management of Management Associations (Published by Osaka Lawyers Cooperative. (edited and partly authored, Feb. 2020)



  • 「"Difficult-to-understand" Condominium Management - For those who want to be involved in the management of a management association - 」 hosted by Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, February 2022
    「Thinking about management of a management association / Thinking from trouble cases」 hosted by Osaka City Condominium Management Support Organization, November 2022)
    「Thinking about the Importance of the General Meeting」hosted by Osaka City Condominium Management Support Organization, November 2023


2012 Graduated from Osaka University, Faculty of Law
2014 Graduated Osaka University Law School and passed the bar exam
2016 Joined a law firm in Osaka City
2023 Joined One Asia Lawyers Osaka Office

Admitted/Professional Experience

    Osaka Bar Association
    Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Committee on Pollution Control and Environmental Preservation (Atmosphere and Urban Environment Subcommittee. 2023-)
    Osaka Bar Association, Committee on Pollution Control and Environmental Preservation, Urban Environment Subcommittee
    Member of Japan Institute for Condominium Living
    National Study Group on Condominium Issues
    Member of Sakai City Committee for Conciliation of Disputes Concerning Medium and High-rise Buildings, etc. (2022-)
    Standing committee member of Osaka City Condominium Management Support Organization (2020-)