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Nobuaki Murakami


Profile and Expertise

After working in Japan for 3 years, Nobuaki worked at the Cambodian branch of a business consulting company, JBL Mekong, and then went on to work at MAR & Associates Law Firm in Cambodia. Utilising his experience with international corporations and international real estate transactions, he specialises in all legal aspects of investment decisions, dispute resolution, Cambodian property law and other legal matters in collaboration with Cambodia Lawyers.

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  • ● Assisting the expansion of a Japanese trading company into Cambodia
    ● Assisting a major Japanese manufacturing company with labour disputes
    ● Facilitating a joint venture for a major Japanese service company in Cambodia
    ● Assisting Japanese companies with the purchase of real estate and registering security interests in Cambodia
    ● Assisting a Japanese developer with setting up a condominium construction scheme in Cambodia
    ● Corporate governance for Japanese companies within Cambodia
    ● Assisting Litigating for Japanese companies in Cambodia
    ● Setting up compliance measures for Japanese companies in Cambodia, including anti-corruption measures
    ● Assisting with labour disputes within Japanese companies in Cambodia
    ● Dispute resolution in Japan for companies established in Cambodia

  • ● Company Law in Cambodia, 2nd Edition (JETRO)

    ● Labour and Employment Law in Cambodia (JETRO)

    ● A Manual to Establishing a Company in Cambodia (JETRO)

    ● Labour Management in Cambodia, 3rd edition (JETRO)

    ● Labour and Employment Law in Laos (Japanese translation, Vientiane Japanese Trade Association)

    ● Cambodia Business Law Seminar (NNA, 2015)


2007: Graduated University of Tokyo Faculty of Law
2009: Graduated University of Kobe (LLM)
2010: Admitted as a lawyer, began working in Japan
2014: Began working at JBL Mekong
2015: Began working at MAR & Associates
Law Office Cambodia

Admitted/Professional Experience

    Tokyo Bar Association
    Japan Trading Association in Cambodia, Investment Committee
    Kobe CIty Expansion into Asia Advisor
    MAR & Associates Law Office, of counsel
    Expats Inheritance Association


Japanese, English


+81-3-6550-9000 TEL (Japan)
+81-80-5072-6825 Mobile (Japan)
+855-12-770-715 TEL(cambodia)
+855-12-436-154 Mobile(cambodia)