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Introduction to Expatriates in Asia / Legal Practice Seminar for Business /OAL Webinar Series 2024


Introduction to Expatriates in Asia / Legal Practice Seminar for Business /OAL Webinar Series

    This year marks the fifth in the annual series of OAL seminar “Introduction to Expatriates in Asia / Legal Practice Seminar for Business.” Our firm group’s lawyers, who have extensive experience and knowledge in each jurisdiction, will provide explanations to expatriates, directors, and contract managers who have been newly assigned to countries in Southeast Asia, South India, Oceania and the Middle East as well as for legal departments, compliance departments, and overseas business departments that support such people from Japan.

    As domestic demand shrinks and competition intensifies in Japan, many companies, regardless of their compensation, are expanding overseas in search of new markets. While the head office in Japan expect local subsidiaries to expand the market and speed up business growth in the local country, management resources to survive the competition tend to be concentrated on sales and marketing, and the establishment of back-office management systems for local subsidiaries tends to end up behind with everything. However, as business becomes more global in scale, the legal system to ensure the proper operation of a company is becoming stricter every year from a global perspective. In recent years, compliance, especially in Asian countries, has become even more stringent than that in Japan, and what is required of expatriates is sifting not only “business growth” but also “managing a local subsidiary with the flexible response in accordance with legal systems which is complex and frequently changes, while growing the business.”

    This webinar series is designed for expatriates, directors, and contract managers in Southeast Asia, South India, Oceania and the Middle East to acquire knowledge of business practices and laws related to business in each country. The webinar will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the basic legal knowledge in each country. Especially, the webinar is not limited to the mere acquisition of legal knowledge but also provides practical information that is essential from a business perspective, such as how to negotiate with local companies, how to manage the labor of local personnel, and how to manage receivables in Asian countries.

Date and Time
Date is depending on the country/region, but all are held from 3PM to 6PM in JST (10 minutes break)
Friday 19th April 2024:Singapore 
Friday 26th April 2024:Australia/ New Zealand
Friday 10th May 2024:Malaysia
Friday 17th May 2024:Vietnam
Friday 24th May 2024:Indonesia
Friday 31st May 2024:Philippine
Friday 7th June2024:Cambodia
Friday 14th June 2024:Laos
Friday 21st June 2024:Myanmar
Friday 28th June 2024:Thailand
Friday 5th July 2024:India/South Asia
Friday 12th July 2024: UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)
Friday 19th July 2024: Saudi Arabia

Seminar Detail(※Contents may be different in each region/country.)

  1. Business Customs(Commercial customs, legal system/history, negotiation method with local companies in each country, etc.)
  2. Measure to Manage Local Companies(Summary of Company Act in each country, the latest amendment of Company Act, the difference with Company Act in Japan, director’s obligation, the obligation that the directors should be aware of after the COVID-19 pandemic, etc.)
  3. Labor Management(Summary of Labor Law/the latest amendments of Labor law in each country, the management of labor contracts, the prevention method of harassment, the response to the relevant authorities and the management method of workers after COVID-19 pandemic, etc.)
  4. Information Management(Personal Data Protection Act/the latest detected case in each country and the response to the relevant authorities, etc.)
  5. Competition Law Management(Summary of Competition Law in each country, cases of violation and the method to build the prevention system and the response to the relevant authorities, etc.)
  6. Compliance Management(The prevention system of bribery/the method to build the Whistle-Blowing system in each country, etc.)
  7. Debt Management(Methods of ensuring debt collection/obtaining charge in each country, dispute resolution systems, etc.)
  8. Intellectual Property Management(Management method of trademark/copyright in each country, etc.)

Speakers:Local lawyers of One Asia Lawyers Group
Access:Zoom Webinar
Fee:Free of charge

Registration:Please register from the link below. The Zoom link will be sent after your registration is completed.
Other than Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

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■ One Asia Lawyers Group will be holding many seminars in 2024. We are also happy to customize a seminar/webinar for your request. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.