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Goro Kokubu

Lawyer : Japan

Profile and Expertise

After being admitted to the bar association in December 2012, Goro joined a law firm in Tokyo and moved on to the Tokyo Star Bank, Limited in June 2014 with responsibility for overall operations related to putting the bank’s compliance management system in place, including providing legal advice on financial and securities regulations, dealing with compliance and risk management matters, responding to inspections by authorities, and dealing with anti-social forces and money laundering.
In July 2016, Goro joined a Japanese law firm that has a strength in risk management, where he subsequently promoted to a partner. During his years at the firm, in addition to the finance-related areas that he has expertise in, Goro supported clients in a wide range of areas mainly in domestic corporate law, including advising on risk management and corporate crisis management, a general meeting of shareholders, drafting schemes for new businesses, M&As, dealing with disputes, such as litigation, and supporting IPOs for venture companies.
In September 2020, Goro joined One Asia Lawyers Tokyo Office as a partner.

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  • ◆Finance◆
    ・Dealt with a financial institution’s external audit and reporting to relevant authorities
    ・Drafted a legal opinion for a financial institution pertaining to new business
    ・Provided advice on the implementation of the compliance management system for a financial institution
    ・Supported a financial institution in handling ADR case
    ・Supported a financial institution to be registered as a financial instruments business operator for various instruments
    ・Supported establishment of a trust company
    ・Supported a domestic listed company to be registered under Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures and in related matters

    ◆Misconduct/Crisis Response◆
    ・Assisted a third-party committee in relation to a foreign public official’s bribery case at a domestic listed company
    ・Conducted internal investigation on a whistleblowing case (misuse of expenses) of a domestic listed company
    ・Conducted internal investigation on internal misconduct (violation of the specific business act, fraud and harassment) of a domestic financial institution
    ・Responded the crisis related to a personal information leakage case (internal investigation, public relations, etc.)
    ・Conducted internal investigation on an employee misconduct case (embezzlement, harassment, etc.)

    ・Litigation for repayment of lease fees whose main point in dispute is the validity of the relevant lease agreement
    ・Litigation for damages against a resigned director whose main point in dispute is the illegality of luring employees and customers away from the former employer
    ・Litigation for damages against a franchisee for violation of an obligation not to compete, etc.
    ・Litigation for damages against a system development company for system defect
    ・Litigation for damages whose main point in dispute is a director's breach of duty of care
    ・Litigation concerning a financial institution’s debt collection
    ・Others, such as litigations relating to real estate

    ・Provided various support to venture companies including funding and IPOs
    ・Provided various support related to FinTech-related services

  • ・“Points to Consider When Responding to Inquiries regarding Clients’ Deposits and Investigations.” Ginko Jitsumu, August 2020 Issue (co-author)

    ・“Legal and Regulatory Considerations in Lending.” Ginko Jitsumu, July 2020 Issue (co-author)

    ・“Practical Procedure When Loan Violation is Found.” Ginko Jitsumu, June 2020 Issue (co-author) 

    ・“Handling the Bill Discount - Points to Consider.” Ginko Jitsumu, May 2020 Issue

    ・“Lowering the Age of Majority and its Effect to Financial Transactions.” Ginko Jitsumu, April 2020 Issue (co-author) 

    ・“Impact and Legal Issues Related to the Collection of Account Management Fees.” Kinyu Homu Jijo, 10 March 2020 Issue (No. 2133)(co-author)

    ・“How Banks Respond to Natural Disasters such as Typhoon – in Terms of Loss of or Damage to Collateral.” Ginko Jitsumu, January 2020 Issue (co-author)

    ・“Current Use of Adult Guardianship System and Proposed Financial Transactions.”  Ginko Jitsumu, August 2019 Issue (co-author)

    ・“Trends in the Use of Big Data in Financial Transactions: Legal Considerations for the Use of Customer Data.” Ginko Jitsumu, July 2019 Issue (co-author)

    ・“Salary Advance Payment Service and Regulatory Legislation.”Horitsu Jitsumu Kenkyu, March 2019 Issue (No. 34)(co-author)

    ・“Revision of Law of Obligations and Banking Practice.” Ginko Jitsumu, February 2019 Issue, (co-author)

    ・“Fee Business of Banks and Insurance Companies: Legal Considerations for the Fee Business.” Kinyu Homu Jijo, 25 November 2018 Issue (No. 2102)(co-author)

    ・“A Study on Practical Issues of Financial Institutions: In Terms of Accountability, Fraudulent Money Transfer and Scandals." Horitsu Jitsumu Kenkyu, March 2016 Issue (No. 31) (co-author)

    ・“Understanding Financial Personal Information Protection Course (Text).” Economic Legal Research Institute, 2015 (co-author)

    ・“Essential Financial Practice for CS.” KINAZAI, 2015 (co-author)

    ・“Legal knowledge of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.” SANSHUSHA, 2013 (editor-in-chief)

    ・“Business Compliance: From ‘Adapting to Social Demands’ to Understanding Case Studies.” Toyo Keizai Inc., 2013 (co-author)

  • ・“Practical Measures in Response to the Revision of Civil Code.” Internal seminar at a company listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, February 2020
    ・“Legal Risks of Startups That You Need to Learn for Successful IPOs and M&As,” hosted by KEPPLE ACADEMY, October 2019
    ・“Key Issues Concerning Salary Advance Payment Service”, Financial Transaction Law Subcommittee of Tokyo Bar Association, November 2019
    ・“Current State and Issues of Cryptocurrencies under the Payment Services Act” Jitsumu Houmu Kenkyu Kai, April 2018
    ・“How A Company Responds at Scandals“, a company seminar at a company listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, November 2017
    ・“Putting a System in Place at Banks to Support the Companies Expanding Overseas,” Financial Transaction Law Subcommittee of Tokyo Bar Association, July 2017
    ・“Basics and Practices in Representing Foreign Banks,” hosted by Kinyu Facsimile Shimbun, May 2017
    ・Compliance Issues of Financial Institutions,” Financial Transaction Law Subcommittee of Tokyo Bar Association, November 2015


2008 Graduated from Hosei University, Faculty of Law
2010 Graduated from Meiji University, Graduate School of Law 
2012 Admitted to the bar association, joined a law firm in Tokyo
2014 Joined the Tokyo Star Bank, Limited (Legal and Compliance Department)
2016 Joined Hayakawa Business Law Office
2018 Promoted to a partner at Hayakawa Business Law Office
2020 Joined One Asia Lawyers Tokyo Office as a partner

Admitted/Professional Experience

    Daini Tokyo Bar Association
    Member, Japan Association of the Law of Finance
    Member, Financial Transaction Law Subcommittee of Tokyo Bar Association
    Visiting scholar, the centres for judicial professionals, an affiliate of Meiji University, Graduate School of Law
    Registered auditor for the political fund, National Committee for the Management of Political Fund, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 
    Mentor, BusiNest Accelerator Course, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation


Japanese, English


03-6550-9000 (Tokyo)